NUCLEUS is a software platform that assists in the process of learning and self-assessment, and also in the process of evaluation and feedback, with the intention of steadily improving the learning experience and the competitiveness of facing the real-world challenges. NUCLEUS addresses the organizations learning objectives using a e-learning/evaluation framework and also doubles up to conduct periodic surveys in the organization and analyzes the feedback.

Reduce expenses on learning and evaluation that is spent by outsourcing the activities.

The learning, evaluation and feedback process can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the target profile. Users will get various inputs to get their learning process on track. Users will start enjoying the experience and the facilitators will get a comprehensive view of the talent transformation process.

NUCLEUS is based on the internet/intranet platform. This effectively means that you can cut down on the printing of the questionnaires, surveys and other material that is printed in organizations. The paper use in the organization can be reduced by approximately 15%.

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