NUCLEUS - Overview

NUCLEUS has been built with the intention of helping the learning and evaluation processes. NUCLEUS uses a centralized concept of the learning/evaluation engine, accommodating people of all age groups!

The solution provides a platform for helping the institution set its parameter for learning, by helping frame multiple sets of curriculum, content based on the subjects being taught and brings in value added dimensions like personality development and general education as well.

Additional knowledge packs can be augmented over time to bring in the latest in learning to the desks of discerning students. The following benefits are imminent with NUCLEUS.

Knowledge development

NUCLEUS provides a module to help students learn by practicing on topics based on various subjects. The students will be allowed to practice on the topic and learn from them over time and then allow them to attempt answering based on their learning experience.


Knowledge transfer facilitators could periodically set up questionnaires relevant to various subjects and these would be attempted by students to understand their amount of learning on the subjects. Reports related to the effectiveness of the learning can be extracted to understand areas that require re-learning or personal emphasis.


On a continuous basis, it is important for teachers and trainers to get feedback about their teaching. This will have a far reaching effect, not only on the overall development of the institution; but also instills a lot of confidence in the management about the quality of education. This feedback can be used as a basis for helping the institution put its best foot forward to attract talent.


Periodic evaluation with a constructive feedback channel is important. This might be lacking today due to the lack of bandwidth and an automated solution to help the process. NUCLEUS bridges this gap by helping to get a first hand note about their learning experience and their overall performance.