interACT helps in providing a platform inside the organization to have meaningful interactive Collaborative sessions in a structured manner. The software product is built with the concept of having multiple Moderators and Guests who can moderate and answer questions and comments from various users across the organization on a particular topic. It works with all computers that support Internet access, and a simple browser application is required to join the session and ask questions. It can support multiple sessions to be carried out simultaneously. The session details are available as a transcript furthering the cause for building an effective knowledge management solution for the corporate.

Save on travel and telecom costs without losing the effectivity of the meeting. Conduct and participate in meetings with a connected world and use the power of the internet to its fullest.

Social Impact

People on the move can join in and participate in crucial decision making meetings without having to be in any specific place. The connected world has provided the office at your palms and crucial decisions can be taken irrespective of geographical boundaries.


Reduce the travel carbon footprint and also at the same time avoid the high telecommunication costs. interACT is a tool that can help hundreds and thousands of users colloborate in a corporate environment.

Start interACTing

To get started with interACT in your environment drop a mail to Information and get more details.