infraSECURE Benefits

infraSECURE has its advantages spread to a spectrum of stakeholders in the enterprise. With the motto of a reduced carbon footprint, infraSECURE adds value to the bottom line by way of energy cost savings and cost reduction from your existing infrastructure. With the software compliance and optimization capabilities, cost saving not only accrue from energy savings, but also from avoiding costly audit violations and infrastructure optimization, reducing software licensing costs drastically.

Management Team

CSR initiatives and accomplishments in this front are an important milestone that the management team would like to accomplish. With the business climate fluctuating, it becomes imperative that the management team looks at the shareholder value with a more emphatic approach and the CSR initiatives will have to be cost-effective and provide a value benefit. infraSECURE with its quick ROI, adds value to this approach which can be repeatable and sustainable over the years.

Social Responsibility

The CSR team can reduce 300 tonnes of CO2 from desktop computing for a count of 1000 computers with an easy and simple deployment of corporate power policy, that does not hinder the corporate outlook for productivity. This is a substantial reduction of close to 45% of the carbon generation from desktop computing alone, plus the indirect benefits on cooling requirements. Add to this the fact that infraSECURE can be deployed on your existing infrastructure, resulting in a framework that generates zero e-waste! The team can add to its feather, another spectrum, usually untapped and exceed the expectations of giving back to the society!

Finance and Administration

The noble cause of being environment friendly is more than substantiated with returns to the bottom line. A minimum of 2.4 Million INR (50KUSD), which is approximately 35% of the energy costs towards desktop computing is the potential savings that the finance and administration team can project and save per annum for a 1000 desktop count in the enterprise. With a return on investment of the product being less than 6 months, the Finance and Admin department stands to gain year on year. It also works as a added point that these savings can be further extended to support other environment friendly initiatives in the enterprise and achieve a zero budget environment initiative.

Information Technology

Rolling out a solution, especially an environment friendly solution for a large community of desktop computing users could be a challenge for the IT team especially when the business demands on productivity can come in way of the initiative. infraSECURE helps this with an easy to administer, simple deployment. Its flexible central console allows deviations to exceptions and records an audit trail of the changes. Substantiating the energy savings on a daily basis with the in-built software based meter for energy and carbon computing. The product's capabilities on automatic wake up, supports enabling tele-commuters work in a perfect orchestration with the objectives of the IT department. The solution also complements the IT Department's initiatives and key result areas with its capabilities on the ISMS portion of the toolset.

End User Community

Users have a sure role to play in the environment initiatives of the organization, so also they have a outlook to deliver on business expectations. There are situations where these two objectives could conflict with each other. infraSECURE addresses this with its flexible power policy administration, capabilities for deviations and exceptions. The product's capabilities on automatic wake up, support for enabling tele-commuters work in tandem to provide the best of both the worlds - Green Computing and Productivity. A Quantifiable, auditable methodology will be required to compute CO2 reductions and this proof can earn Carbon Credits(Carbon credit is the measure recognized by many governments worldwide which lets you trade these credits in a Carbon Exchange)