infraSECURE - Capabilities

infraSECURE has two independent modules and works on a client server environment. The central console helps in deploying and managing power policies that suit the work environment of different teams in the organization. The intention of the architecture is to provide for best of both the worlds, GREEN Computing and Productivity.

Environment Management System (EMS) Capabilities

• Hibernates desktop computers (Microsoft's Windows XP SP2, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1) to save on power drained when computers are not in use.

• Centrally managed flexible Power Profile administration and control, based on groups and work timings

• Flexible Power Profile Policies – Ensures productivity during the working hours and saves on desktop energy costs during non working hours and weekends

• An auditable software based electricity meter that computes the power savings from computers and amount of carbon footprint reduction

• Wakes up computers at predefined times of the day/night to run batch schedules like anti-virus updates, backup etc and hibernates them after the completion

• Factors that can prevent computers going to hibernation are measured and all of these patterns are reported back to the central console if the systems are not hibernating

• Powerful Central console provides capability to enable and disable features of the solution using a user friendly GUI

• One-Click Automated AD Synchronized centralized rollout of client application

Infrastructure Management System (ISMS) Capabilities

• Identifies hardware and software assets automatically and maintains audit trail of changes throughout its life cycle

• Maintains an audit trail log of USB memory device usage, if and when permitted

• Capability to centrally Enable or Disable the usage of USB memory devices

• Measures the installation of software licenses, therefore enabling license compliance

• Software Asset Usage Meter provides details of application usage to help in taking business decisions on software purchase

• Enables software asset mandate and usage through time slicing thus maximizes productive use of software license investment

• Identifies disk fragmentation and free space availability on the desktop computers, thus, helping IT teams set up regular maintenance schedules and redeployment of excessive disk space availability for other purposes

• Works both in online and offline mode and thus helps bring in portable computer assets (laptop computers) as well

• Process Driven Software Asset Management helps you comply, audit, analyze and Optimize.


• Completely role based solution architecture

• Has a small footprint for the client component and utilizes miniscule resources (Memory and Network bandwidth) for its operation

• Client/server implementation with a powerful Central console for control and Reporting tool for Generating over 50 customized reports

• Scalable multi-tier architecture - supports options like single Data store, multi-console and multi-data store implementations

• Graphical and Analytical Reporting, complemented with an Intranet based reporting toolset

• Mail trigger utility to send alerts are periodic intervals.