Find Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions on infraSECURE.

Questions regarding Clients (infraSECURE Agent) Component

What are the Pre-requisites required to Install infraSECURE?

Windows Installer and Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7 and above, Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 are pre-requisites for infraSECURE client installation. Both these components can be downloaded from the Microsoft download site.

What does infraSECURE Agent do?

infraSECURE Agent runs on Windows based computer in the network. It's main intention is to make sure that energy conservation can be done at multiple times of the day, based on a smart work hour and week day concept. It is also smart and intelligent to understand asset changes that have taken place in the computer from its baseline and reports any changes on its state to the infraSECURE Console.

infraSECURE is applicable for which OS platforms?

infraSECURE works on Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP (SP2 and above), Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms.

What is the minimum OS hard disc free space required for computers to hibernate?

For computers to hibernate, the OS drive must have free disc space greater than the physical memory installed in the computer.

What is infraSECURE agent’s memory footprint?

The infraSECURE agent consumes resources of CPU and memory for about a minute at the time the computer is either booted or is brought out of hibernation. The total memory utilization at the time of a resumption from hibernation or a login could be in the range of about 24-30 MB but reduces to about 4 MB once its operation is completed. Subsequently, the process does not use any resources. However the client agent will periodically utilize some memory resources when the ISMS features are enabled. The same would be optimized by the agent periodically to maintain an average of 2-4 MB of memory utilization.

Can I disable a power profile for a computer so that it does not hibernate?

A disabled power profile can be set for any computer. While setting this profile, one could enter the number of days after which the original power profile is automatically rolled back.

Generic Questions

What are the components of infraSECURE?

infraSECURE has threee major components: infraSECURE Agent, an utility installed on all client computers, which collects information from the computers about its assets, health and usage patterns of specific devices. infraSECURE Console, used to setup, monitor and report on infraSECURE Agents. infraSECURE Reports, a versatile utility which is used to report on the usage patterns of time, resources and other activities, substantiated with a graphical reporting toolset and an intranet based reporting toolset.

What are the benefits of using infraSECURE?

infraSECURE is a smart utility that is a lifeline for many organizations which have to administer a lot of network based Windows Desktops, benefiting the organization with its capabilities on energy conservation and infrastructure management. For a more detailed view on the benefits for different stakeholders in the organization, refer the Key Benefits section.

• infraSECURE helps reduce the carbon footprint of the organization by automatically conserving energy utilized by idle desktop computers, using pre-defined power policies and user definable power policies.

• infraSECURE also helps in assimilating the asset inventory for the entire organization and also keeps a track of possible changes to the baseline configuration, thus enabling to save on investing in expensive asset management toolsets and dedicated manpower to manage these computers in the network.

• With infraSECURE's smart agent engine at work, it is also possible to easily prevent any policy intrusions in the network, which otherwise require enforcement of strict security policies and procedures

Topology and Server related Questions

Do I have to invest in special IT infrastructure for the deployment of infraSECURE?

Not required. All that is required for the successful deployment of infraSECURE is the specified hardware configuration and a single instance of a data repository (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above) on the network.

How does infraSECURE work when there are dedicated ODC’s / VLAN’s?

In cases of dedicated ODC’s or independent network topologies it is essential to establish a trust between the computer which hosts the infraSECURE Router and the central Database that is outside the network so that all the information is available. However, the clients within the ODC / VLAN must be able to establish a connection to the computer hosting the infraSECURE Router.

What data repository is supported?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (All editions) and above is supported.

Does the data repository ship with the product?

No. As infraSECURE uses a COTS database, the same is not shipped with the product.

Can I have a combination of multiple methodologies, like could I have some working on Multi Server and some on Single Server environments?

Yes. infraSECURE is designed to support alternate and multiple methodologies. In case your project teams are scattered and you would like to group them into a single logical database, you could do that using the 'Single Server Architecture'. On the contrary, if you would like to segregate the assets in your organization in two or more different repositories, you could deploy infraSECURE using the 'Multiple Server Architecture'. A combination of these two is also possible in the same environment. For more information, please read the Architecture section.

Other Questions

How is a new profile or a change made to an existing profile pushed to a client?

A new profile or a change in the existing profile done at the infraSECURE Console is picked up by the client only when the client computer is either rebooted, logged on or is brought out of hibernation or at the change of a date at midnight, if the computer is “on” at the stroke of midnight.

How do I know which computers are active, having a disabled profile or uninstalled?

infraSECURE Console, indicates the status of a client using different colors for different status and identifiable using the legend provided.

How do I get to know the savings achieved?

As part of the infraSECURE Console is a Software Power Meter that helps you calculate the total hours saved by computers that have Hibernated or Shut down. By defining the average wattage per computer, the meter helps you calculate the total units saved and the amount of CO2 emissions prevented. The solution is substantiated with a reporting tool and graphical and analytical reporting toolset.

How do I send the anti-virus updates, application and OS patches if the computers are hibernated?

While computers in Hibernated state can be switched on using the Wake on LAN feature, it is not a recommended practice as this mode may not be a choice of many IT Administrations for various reasons. infraSECURE has a built-in feature of waking up computers at scheduled time of a day and day of a week. Using the Wake up feature the computers can be instructed to wakeup at a particular time either on a single day or all days, then push the necessary patches and updates. Once this process is completed the computers will get back into hibernation mode as per the template assigned to it.

Do we have to undergo any special training to deploy and manage infraSECURE?

A one day overview to System Administrators of the organization who would be deploying infraSECURE is all that is required. The entire product is completely user friendly and is backed with excellent product documentation and a dedicated support team.