INR 24-30 Lakhs Annual reduction in Energy costs from desktop Computing for a 1000 Desktop Enterprise. Software based solution with Intelligent templates to help productivity and GREEN IT co-exist

Energy conservation from your computing environment can help light up villages. One year of energy savings for a 1000 desktop enterprise can light up 500 rural homes.

Reduce upto 300 tonnes of Co2 emissions. This is equivalent to planting over 60 trees and waiting for 30 years to get this reduction impacted on the environment, so why not do it now the easy way?


Save over 30% from Energy costs on Computing

infraSECURE is a software solution that helps in reducing the carbon footprint of companies who have a large number of desktop computers in their enterprise. infraSECURE complements Desktop management with its features on infrastructure management, like instant-audit asset management, intrusion detection, license metering, license compliance toolset and a host of desktop management tools.

CSR Benefits

Contribute to the global cause!

Corporate organizations have started adopting a mandate now on corporate social responsibility. Reducing their carbon footprint, is one of the key factors that organizations want to chase. To top it all, there is an everlasting growth pattern of working professionals, who use computing and commuting heavily, that seems to take us away from the focus of reducing our carbon footprint in the organization.


Optimize your infrastructure resources

infraSECURE provides an additional capability to manage Hardware, Software Assets and works as a comprehensive Software Compliance tool set to allow and control, mandate and prevent application usage based on a centralized policy. With the Software Accounting Module to provide reports on Deployment status and Effective License Positio coupled with an email work flow solution to trigger software/hardware changes and notifications automatically into an inbuilt Incident Tracking System to help in the overall Accountability on Software and Hardware Asset Management.

Get this Award Winning Solution

To get started with infraSECURE for energy Conservation in your environment, click the link below and get more details. What's more, you can save dollars by using the Software Compliance capabilities of infraSECURE and bring in the best of GREEN IT and optimal Software Utilization in your enterprise, right away!

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