Organizations using infraSECURE can be audit ready in a hours notice. The compliance capabilities of infraSECURE are designed to help the HAM/SAM team to identify their Inventory positions, Effective License Position and the trend of usage as Analytics to help them streamline their process of governance. With the automated Incident tracking engine built in, SAM teams can focus more on building their expertise on the legal aspects of licensing rather than the technical aspects of discovery and assimilation.


Software Asset Management is a key challenge, especially in the Software Services Industry. The demands of the management, the business case for being agile and being compliant all the time are challenges that are poles apart from an operational perspective. The CIO team is challenged all the time with the fact that they have to meet internal requirements, meet customer demands and at the same time stay compliant.

Software Asset Management is a key area than can be effectively used to transform the scenario to a workable hassle free cost effective IT management that builds a bridge to these pillars of the organization.

ROI on day one

infraSECURE can provide you Return on Investment from day one. In fact, many customers have vouched for this statement and this is no tall claim. The innovative capabilities of infraSECURE that focus on optimization and control have won the hearts of customers. Demanding almost zero overhead on your existing infrastructure, infraSECURE seamlessly integrates into your environment and starts yielding results from day one.

Expert Opinion

Software compliance is not a one time effort, it is a continuous process that involves weaving the business needs, legal spectrum and the financial implications together to stitch a wonderful protective gear for the enterprise!

Key Features that add up to your bottom line

  • Instant Audit Capability
  • Desktop Management and Preventive Maintenance
  • Assets Inventory to track assets
  • Software Assets Inventory to help in identifying Availability, Utilization and re-deployment opportunities
  • Database Inventory to identify the license Position on SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle Databases
  • Software Accounting to identify procurement, deployment and Utilization parameters for optimizing license positions.
  • Trend Report on Compliance will give you an upper edge over competition and be secure.
  • Avoid costly Audit objections, Control Assets Utilization, track their lifecycle