Find Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions on NUCLEUS.

What are the benefits of using NUCLEUS?

The product is designed using state-of the art technologies and works on the n-tier architecture. The database server stores all the questions, the console controls the creation of questions, questionnaires, surveys and provisions the reporting of answers from various surveys and questionnaires created.

• Save money on stationery printing and space

• Evaluation of Questionnaires and Surveys is automated thereby saving a lot of time.

• Storage and Preservation of information is easy and secure.

• Retrieval of information is fast.

• The information about the performance of users or opinions of surveys conducted within the institution is confidential and need not be outsourced to any other agencies.

• Helps in building a universal learning platform for students using the practice questionnaires and thus saves the institution in deploying multiple e-learning or other learning systems.

• Surveys and questionnaires can be designed with multiple times resumption option to let users take these surveys and questionnaires at their convenience

What are the components of NUCLEUS?

NUCLEUS has these major components: NUCLEUS Console, used to setup the learning knowledge bank and information about surveys. NUCLEUS Web Component is published to on a web server, with communicates with the data store directly and helps users learn, evaluate themselves and provide feedback on questionnaires and surveys. It is substantiated with a graphical reporting toolset as well.

How difficult is to set up NUCLEUS?

It is possible to configure NUCLEUS in an institution/organization in less than 15 minutes. Once the configuration is complete, populating the database with questions meant for questionnaires and surveys is the only effort involved. However, standard question packs on a whole lot of subjects will be made available in due course of time, which will reduce the amount of time in getting started with NUCLEUS. If the institution already has its question bank in some electronic form, it can be easily imported into the NUCLEUS Database.

What is the purpose of NUCLEUS Console?

NUCLEUS Console is a component that is architected to control the information assimilation and becomes the control center for maintaining the database of questions, surveys and questionnaires. It keeps track of types of users and allows setting up questionnaires and surveys for groups of users.

What kind of reports can NUCLEUS generate? Can I create my own reports?

As NUCLEUS uses a commercial off the shelf proven database, it is possible to churn out reports using a variety of tools. The Reporting components, generates pre-defined reports and has features to custom build your own reports, apart from providing export capabilities into standard formats.