NUCLEUS - Benefits

NUCLEUS has benefits for multiple stakeholders in the organization. Apart from the fact that NUCLEUS helps educational institutions capitalize its benefits for knowledge transfer, it can be very effectively deployed for the knowledge transfer process in an corporate environment as well.

The product is designed using state-of the art technologies and works on the n-tier architecture. The database server stores all the questions, the console controls the creation of questions, questionnaires, surveys and provisions the reporting of answers from various surveys and questionnaires created.

Management Team

The management teams' core focus is the success of their customers, which is enabled only when every team member in the organization is equipped to deliver what they are good at. This is a continuous process and the organization has to gear itself constantly to keep their associates up to date on their skills and hone it time and again. NUCLEUS helps setting up a framework, which can be repeatable and builds a knowledge base, with which knowledge transfer is easy, cost-effective, measurable and efficient.

Talent Transformation

The talent transformation team can work in tandem with various departments and evaluate the progress of associates using an automated approach. Surveys that are conducted on a periodic basis can be now automated and conducted internally without any outsourcing, avoiding the leakage of sensitive data. Storage and Preservation of information is easy and secure and the retrieval of information is fast, helping the Talent transformation team to take business decisions that are beneficial to the overall organizational objectives.

Finance and Administration

Having the learning framework deployed for the organization, it is possible to help each department function to add content relevant to their departments. The pace of learning, evaluation can be decided by the respective departments and working in tandem with the talent transformation team, it would be possible to review progress on a individual level and maintain the information for continuous improvement. The cost benefit from stationery, printing and stacking helps the administration team quite a lot and is a direct benefit to the finance department.

Information Technology

Catering to the informational needs of the organization, the IT Department is challenged with the technical infrastructure that has to be created for the knowledge transfer and talent transformation team. Considering the centralized and distributed options that NUCLEUS offers, it can ease the IT Department's staffing needs to a large extent. NUCLEUS offers options to deploy on the Intranet or internet, depending on the needs of the departments and the organization.

End User Community

Users can capitalize on paced learning and evaluation, which the toolset supports. Educating themselves at their convenience will help them focus on goals on hand and at the same time address the organizational objectives.