STREAM - Overview

STREAM is a toolset that addresses the problem of identifying the root cause for failures in Projects, if any and provides this critical ‘Business Intelligence’ to Project teams in software companies. STREAM is built on a foundation of capturing the most required input for ‘Business Intelligence in Projects’ using the following techniques:

• Perform a root cause analysis and identify checkpoints.

• Capture information at source.

• Manage resources using a centralized approach.

• Provide for customizations.

• Provide a simple and intuitive interface.

Get your Projects streamlined

STREAM uses a well-researched mechanism to help in the assimilation of inputs related to resource and time utilization , which is one of the most important parameters to understand the impact of delays in Projects.

As the root cause of delays in Projects are usually attributed to improper time and resource management, information on trends on how the time was spent, where were the lacunas are important considerations to derive ‘Business Intelligence’. STREAM adopts this concept to help Software companies, who themselves deliver such business solutions to a host of industries, but seldom for themselves.

However, mature the software developers are in the organization, it is a known fact that most developers hate to write reports. Reports from developers is the key for helping Project managers and program managers derive information on the status of a Project and this data is critically used for delivering future Projects and this information helps in near to accurate estimations. STREAM helps in automatically capturing this information with very little manual intervention. With the use of STREAM in the organization, writing reports will be an activity of the past.

The data for these reports are automatically captured at the initiation of an activity by the developer and this helps in capturing accurate information on the usage, time spent, resources utilized for the fulfillment of a Project. Combined, this data provides a lot of indicators from a Business intelligence perspective on the Project and a lot of maturity for the organization in the long run.

As a byproduct of this approach, resource utilization, administration, control, asset management are automatically derived, which provide further intelligence and the ammunition required to take on the challenges of the next league of Software services.