Benefits from STREAM

STREAM has benefits for multiple stakeholders in the organization. The product is designed using state-of the art technologies and works on the n-tier architecture. The database server stores all the data about the projects and their execution , the console controls and provisions the reporting of project data from the database.

Management Team

The management teams' core focus is the success of their customers, which is enabled only when the projects and deliverables to their customers are on time, every time. With a streamlined approach to project delivery using STREAM, accurate reports about deliveries, the effort taken and the empirical data that is generated over time will help in analyzing improvement areas and task force a team to address them.

Project Management

Project Management team is always challenged with deliverables that are tight on budget and on schedule. Estimations usually go wrong if the resource planning and execution is not well managed. With the deployment of STREAM, Reports generated will help the Project Management team plan for handling poor estimates and bring back projects to track.

Finance and Marketing

Profitable project execution is key to improve the bottom line of the company. With profitability and competitiveness going in conflict most of the time in the Software Services Industry, the finance team will be able to provide key inputs to the Marketing and Sales teams about the profitability, estimation accuracy, improving not only the bottom line, but building a great testimonial in winning more contracts from prospective customers.

End User Community

Users can capitalize making sure that their projects are on time and their committments on delivery are intact. Improving their track record on project delivery will also help them in their future pursuits