STREAM - Overview

STREAM is a solution that will enable managing the following major concerns daunting the Software Services Industry:

• A Business Intelligence tool that enables you estimate your future projects more accurately, thus increase the probability and success of projects in terms of money, human capital and time.

• Optimize the time your key Project Managers spend on evaluating the productivity and efficiency of their project members, thus enabling them dedicate time to manage the quality of their projects.

• Addresses the issue of capturing accurate and actual time spent, eliminating the need for your project members file their time sheets, thus giving them more time to dedicate their attention to their projects.

• Address the key issue of Automated Software Asset and usage management using an intuitive and simple interface.


STREAM is built on a three-tiered architecture. The major components of STREAM are

• Data Repository (Store the metadata)

• Server/Router (Route the information and set up information on clients)

• Client (Capture information and send it to the Server)

• Reports (Report information from the data store)

STREAM uses HTTP(S) for its communication and relies on a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 upwards) for its data repository. As STREAM uses a commercial off the shelf proven database, it is possible to churn ‘Business Intelligence’ data using a host of tools. STREAM Reporting Module generates close to 50 pre-defined reports and has features to custom build your own reports, apart from providing export capabilities into standard formats.


• Role based Administration and Control of resources for both monitoring STREAM clients and for reporting.

• Activity based time logging to capture exact time/resources expensed.

• Profile based replication to help manage larger installations.

• Individual customizations to custom deploy your STREAM Network.

• Supports Multiple Projects on a single installation or create multiple installations of single/multiple set of projects.

• Centralized console for administering data collation.


Generate more than 50 pre-defined reports or create your own

• Correct your PM plan based on actual effort

• Automatic timesheet generation.

• Automatic resource utilization generation.

• Generates Productivity patterns using extensive query based reporting.

Business Intelligence

• Obtain extensive Resource utilization data and reduce costs.

• Interactive Reporting capabilities to help generate various ‘Intelligence Reports’ on Project Productivity.

• Timeline based reporting to help generate Reports for specific date ranges.

• Customizable report generation to help in exporting data to various BI tools.