Need of the hour

Sustainability in business has become more important than ever now. Many organizations have also adopted various methods, tools and processes to bring in the best of the Sustainable practices into the DNA of the company.

Being a continuous process that it is, progressive organizations will surely be looking at newer technologies and methods that can help this process.

Our Mantra


see beyond technologies is an organization who has been well recognized by the Industry as a catalyst in Sustainability Solutions with a lot of leading edge products and innovative solutions catering to helping corporate organizations like yours maximize the impact on the Triple Bottom Line (Profit, People and Planet).

All of the product offerings from see beyond technoloiges work towards fulfiling the triple bottom line.

Award winning Solutions

see beyond technologies award winning solutions have been recognized in various Industry forums and we have leading companies from all verticals who have been able to capitalize their Sustainability pillars in the organization by adopting our solutions.

Our product offerings provide a quick ROI, easy learning curve and always evolve to meet the ever growing demands of the Industry.

Continuing our tradition of welcoming the new year with an electronic calendar, we have devised the calendar for 2018 with the Sustainability Development Goals or Global Goals Theme. Click the link below to view and dowload your free copy today.

Global Goals Theme Calendar 2018


Save up to 30% from Energy costs on Computing

infraSECURE is a software solution that helps in reducing the carbon footprint of companies who have a large number of desktop computers in their enterprise. infraSECURE complements Desktop management with its features on infrastructure management, like instant-audit asset management, intrusion detection, license metering, license compliance toolset and a host of desktop management tools.

Streamlined Project Management

STREAM is a toolset that addresses the problem of identifying the root cause for failures in Projects, if any and provides this critical ‘Business Intelligence’ to Project teams in software companies. STREAM is built on a foundation of capturing the most required input for ‘Business Intelligence in Projects’.

Talent transformation, the structured way!

NUCLEUS is a software platform that assists in the process of learning and self-assessment, and also in the process of evaluation and feedback, with the intention of steadily improving the learning experience and the competitiveness of facing the real-world challenges. NUCLEUS addresses the organizations learning objectives using a learning/evaluation framework and also doubles up to conduct periodic surveys in the organization and analyzes the feedback.

Improve Productivity, Reduce travel

interACT helps in creating a platform inside the organization to create meaningful interactive Collaborative sessions in a structured manner. The software product is built with the concept of creating multiple guest and moderators who can moderate and answer questions and comments from various users from the organization on a particular topic. The session details are available as a transcript furthering the cause for building an effective knowledge management solution for the corporate.

Save up to 30% from Energy costs at ATM Centers

GREEN Money is a solution to help organizations reduce the operating costs towards the functioning of ATM's. The solution is built on the grounds of keeping the end user experience intact and at the same time reducing the energy drain from ATM's to the tune of 30%. GREEN Money is a combination of Hardware and Software that brings together the best of productivity and go GREEN initiative. A variant of this solution is available for cell site monitoring and data centers.

Save up to 20% on Energy Costs at Branches

GREENStat is a solution to help the BFSI Sector to implement a energy savings initiative at their Branches. With energy drain from Air-conditioning going unnoticed, GREENStat is a solution that can help in plugging the drain by maximizing the cooling requirements at the Branches and controlling and managing the air-conditioning equipment at the branches. The solution helps in reducing the energy drain by about 20%.

Contribute to the environment with a simple Energy Initiative

SMART Switch is an intelligent device that will turn the lights on and off automatically without any manual intervention based on the ambient light. SMART Switch has been researched, developed and designed to take care of field conditions. Considering the fact that this component will have to be fitted in a variety of locations which might be prone to dust and water, the product has been made weather proof.

Sustainability managed

SPECTRUM is a toolset that can help the CSR teams track and manage their CSR initiatives and bring in collaboration of the key stakeholders within the orgnaziation and orchestrate the mission towards the Sustainability goals of the organization.

Impact of our Products on the Triple Bottom Line

infraSECURE helps organization reduce upto 300 tonnes of Co2 emissions per annum. This is equivalent to planting over 60 trees and waiting for 30 years to get this reduction impacted on the environment.

GREEN Money helps Banks and Service providers Reduce upto 30 tonnes of Co2 emissions from each ATM.

interACT helps organizations to save on travel and telecom costs without losing the effectivity of the meeting.

SMART Switch helps the country, bring down the overall demand for electricity by 7-10% when implemented for utilities like street lights, signage, fascia and other pathway lights like garden lights and lobby lights.

NUCLEUS helps reduce the use of paper in an organization by approximately 15%, thus creating a far reaching environmental impact.

GREENStat helps bring down the Co2 footprint and thus will enable a responsible approach in doing business.

Sustainable approach to doing business has substantial Environmental Impact. This wonderful blue planet is what we have borrowed from our children. The practices that we follow will ensure that they are able to pass the baton.

see beyond technologies products are catalytic to conserving the environment and our innovative solutions reduce carbon footprint and creates a huge environmental impact.

infraSECURE helps light up villages by conserving energy drain from desktop computing. One year of energy savings for a 1000 desktop enterprise can light up 500 rural homes.

Deploying GREEN Money in one ATM center can light up 10 rural homes in a year.

interACT helps people to partake in important discussions of the organization even when they are away from their workplace, thus helping the social impact that is required in today's lifestyle of working professionals.

SMART Switch ensures that the public areas that need to be lit are lit when required and turned OFF when not required, improving the ambience and the security needs of public lighting areas.

NUCLEUS helps in the talent transformation process. With a transparent process and an effective feedback mechanism, organizations will be able to create value to their employees.

GREENStat helps the process of managing the ambience for a comfortable work environment. As this process is automated, the social impact is far reaching as this will demonstrate the social responsibility taken up by the organization.

Sustainable approach to doing business has far reaching Social Impact. People are the key ingredients for a successful business model. Any business can thrive only when the society is able to value the business that we are in.

see beyond technologies products bring in a lot of automation which helps create a far reaching impact on the society.

infraSECURE helps organization reduce INR 24-30 Lakhs in Energy costs from desktop Computing annually for a 1000 Desktop Enterprise.

GREEN Money helps Banks and Service providers reduce 30% of the Energy costs from the ATM Centre.

interACT helps organizations to save on travel and telecom costs without losing the effectivity of the meeting.

SMART Switch helps reduce upto 20% of utility lighting costs.

NUCLEUS helps reduce expenses on learning and evaluation that is spent by outsourcing the activities.

GREENStat helps bring down electricity bills at Branches by over 20%.

Sustainable approach to doing business has substantial Economic Impact. Organizations who have been able to adopt Sustainable practices in their business process eventually make more profits, create products and solutions that are outstanding and carve a niche brand for themselves.

see beyond technologies products are catalytic to this process and our innovative solutions reduce costs and increase profits.