Save up to 30% from Energy costs at ATM Centers

GREEN Money is a solution to help organizations reduce the operating costs towards the functioning of ATM Centres. The solution is built on the grounds of keeping the end user experience intact and at the same time reducing the energy drain from ATM centres. Considering the fact that the major drain in an ATM Centre is from the Air conditioning equipment, our solution GREEN Money a combination of Hardware and Software brings together the best of climatic Comfort and go GREEN initiative.

Reduce atleast 30% of your Energy costs from the ATM Centre. An Hardware and Software based solution with Intelligent templates helps you do this effectively.


Energy conservation from your ATM Centre can help light up villages. One year of energy savings from an ATM Center can light up 10 rural homes.


Reduce upto 30 tonnes of Co2 emissions from each ATM. This is equivalent to planting over 6 trees and waiting for 30 years to get this reduction impacted on the environment, so why not do it now the easy way?

Get this Award Winning Solution

To get started with GREEN Money for energy Conservation in your ATM Network, drop a mail to Information and get more details. What's more, you can improve the SLA with your customers by utilizing the key monitoring and security capabilities of GREEN Money!