SMART Switch is an intelligent device that will turn the lights ON and OFF automatically based on the ambient light and a predetermined time. The ambient light intensity for the switch can be decided before installation and can be factory set or adjusted according to the needs of the location that it is being installed at. SMART Switch has been designed and developed to take care of field conditions. The component provides a lasting effect on the utility. Considering the fact that this component will have to be fitted in a variety of locations which might be prone to dust and water, the product is made weather proof.

Reduce upto 20% of your utility lighting costs by implementing SMART Switch.


Lights will be turned ON automatically when the ambient lighting demands it and will be turned OFF when there is enough ambient lighting. This will ensure that the public areas that need to be lit are lit when required and turned OFF when not required, improving the ambience and the security needs of public lighting areas.


Turning off the lights at the appropriate time in public utilities like street lights, signage, fascia and other pathway lights like garden lights, lobby lights and so on will have an impact that is far reaching. In fact a study points out that once implemented in a country, the overall demand for electricity can come down by 7-10%.

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